What’s in the box? A strange and weird thing? Something terrible, or a thing of beauty?


Storyteller, Peter Grimm opens the box to find the ‘Thing’ that takes him on an unusual

journey that weaves it’s way through a medley of well known Brother’s Grimm tales,

to finally unlock his imagination and free his stories.


A truly original story told with puppets, acting and live music.

Fun, inspiration and delight for all the family.

Suitability: 5+ and family   /   Duration: 55 minutes

Peter Grimm is a descendent of the famous Brothers Grimm. He has inherited the tradition of his ancestors and tells the their stories as they were written down 200 years ago.


But, with his inheritance also comes a ghost. The brothers locked something away in a box when they wrote down and fixed the stories. They threw the box into the sea, and now that something, that rogue and wild element of story, has returned with the tide. Peter opens the box and sets free the “amazing thing” to add it’s influence in the sea of stories.


The show is about the unlocking of imagination in relation to stories, hung on some well known Grimm classics. It can be useful to start somewhere familiar and then take a detour into the unknown. A rogue or surprise element can wake up the imagination and give a new slant to a predictable tale.


LEMPEN PUPPET THEATRE COMPANY, is one of Britain’s great touring theatre companies. They tour all over the UK, and have appeared at festivals, theatres and schools in Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Greece and the Czech Republic.


They specialise in modern day myths that connect the imagination to real and contemporary issues and are committed to producing entertaining, quality theatre for children and family audiences.

Tickets £8.50 or £30 for a family of 4

Show starts at 1.30pm



Flotsam floats, Jetsam sinks
Both their worlds are on the brinks,
The jagged arcs of waves and sharks
Chase them both in minds and hearts.
They must break through their tears and fears
And worries of a thousand years,
To find what’s true and out of the blue
Discover the other and a friend that’s new.

Flotsam is soft, flexible, laid back. She slides and glides through life on the ice. Jetsam is
the opposite, his insectile body in stiff and nervy, alert and watchful, suspicious of all in
his forest home.


And then comes the weather… and they are both cast adrift in a world that is strange to
them and full of a range of dangers. Finally washed up on the same island beach they
must discover the other and work out how they can work together.


A hopeful, adventure story about two very different creatures that must learn to work
together. Visual theatre with original music and delightful puppetry.
suitable for everyone from 4 – 104.

Tickets £8.50 or £30 for a family of 4

Show starts at 1.30pm



Trunk, Tail, Ears or Wings? - Carnival creates itself from all sorts of things!
This is "Carnival of the Animals" but not as we know it. Dissected for body part potential to create
the "ultimate animal" we take inspiration from the music by Camille Saint-Saëns, a little help from
Charles Darwin and a whole lot of cardboard to mash up a show full of puppet possibility.

Inspiration and delight for everyone from 4 to 104.

Having performed involved stories with lots of text over many years, we have now produced a show with
focus on the real magic of puppetry. After all, puppetry is a very visual form of theatre. Puppetry movement
and invention, supported by the fantastic music by Camille Saint-Saëns - an exploration of the
material of Cardboard and a Lempen-Style framework form the ingredients of the show.

Lempen Puppet Theatre Company tour their own unique brand of original stories told with puppets.
Imaginative, spellbinding, surprising and sometimes bonkers, Lempen focus on puppetry, storytelling, light,
music and a journey that takes the audience there and back again. We are inspired to make theatre by
Myth and Folklore, crazy characters, what makes us laugh and what we care about. We aim to produce
quality productions for family audiences that connect the real world to the world of imagination. Based in
North Yorkshire, but touring nationally and internationally Liz and Daniel Lempen are also the Artistic
Directors for Skipton International Puppet Festival.

Tickets £8.50 or £30 for a family of 4

Show starts at 1.30pm