An Evening with Su Pollard

08/06/22, 18:30

A evening with a national treasure.

An Audience with comedy legend Mick Miller

31/07/22, 13:00

Say What You See

11/09/22, 13:00

With Roy Walker and Phil Walker

Comedy Club

24/06/22, 19:00

Featuring 3 top comedians from the circuit and an MC

Billy Pearce

20/08/22, 18:30

National treasure, and without doubt one of Britain’s most talented and best loved comedians & performers.

Our Trace

16/09/22, 18:30

OUR TRACE is a multi award winning comedienne.

Roy Chubby Brown

07/07/22, 18:30

If easily offended..........don't come.

Comedy Sportz

22/08/22, 12:30

Family friendly comedy show